Published On: Sun, Mar 23rd, 2014
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PML-Q slams Punjab govt over loss of precious lives in Cholistan

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LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Punjab MNA from Tariq Bashir Cheema and Senior Vice-President Muhammad Basharat Raja have said that drought situation has not suddenly occurred in Cholistan, loss of precious lives has been caused due to negligence of Punjab Govt.

They said instead of helping the victims of drought the govt was playing up the Chief Minister’s visit of Cholistan that Shahbaz Sharif was the first Chief Minister who has visited Cholistan whereas the factual position was that Ch Parvez Elahi during his tenure had visited Cholistan four times for its development and in every tour he launched new projects for welfare of the people of Cholistan.

They said in a joint statement that entire attention of Punjab Govt was focused on Lahore, it has no realization how the people outside Lahore were living, some quarters of the media had started apprising Punjab Govt about drought like situation developing in Cholistan but the rulers had failed to its timely notice and on top of it the Chief Minister was blaming the media for presenting distorted facts, Punjab Govt should provide immediate assistance to the drought hit families and avoid point scoring, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visits Cholistan for enjoying musical evening but so far no appropriate strategy has been evolved for the people of Cholistan.

PML-Q leaders maintained that Ch Parvez Elahi during his tenure had undertaken development works through Punjab province without any discrimination, provided crores of rupees to the Cholistan Development Authority for ensuring provision of basic amenities in Cholistan, present govt even had not restarted the projects which it had scrapped six years back, Ch Parvez Elahi had got three pipelines laid from Yazman for provision of sweet, drinking water for Cholistanis and their livestock at the cost of crores of rupees, had never differentiated between Lahore and Cholistan, development works were completed South Punjab and Cholistan at huge cost of billions of rupees, roads network was constructed for development of Cholistan, established schools for awareness about education, did planning for provision of electricity, Federal and Provincial Govts were raising much noise in Cholistan for the last couple of days but after few days the situation would again be back to square one.}