Published On: Wed, Jan 8th, 2020
Published in Category: Politics

Politicians besides establishment responsible for weakening democracy: Siraj

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Khuzdar: While criticizing the role of establishment in forming and overthrowing governments in the country, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has also held the politicians equally responsible for weakening the democracy on different occasions.

He said this while addressing “Meet the Press” program at Khuzdar Press Club on Tuesday.

“Mostly political parties become a property of a particular family in Pakistan and their main objective is to save the personal interests. Incapable and corrupt politicians provide opportunity to establishment to intervene in politics,” he added.

He said main political parties displayed unity when it came to the matter of their own interest but they hardly show any accord to resolve the common man problems.

“It is neither America nor India but corrupt and weak system is the main problem of Pakistan,” he said and expressed concern over the occasions when the entire system worked to give protection to a powerful individual and family.

Highlighting the problems of Balochistan, he lamented the past and present government never showed any interest to address them. Despite gifted with enormous rich natural resources, the majority of the people of province were passing a miserable life, he added. The ruling elite showed no interest to address the deprivations of Balochistan, he maintained, because they all were the agent of status quo and they had nothing to do with the problems of a poor man.

The JI Emir said the people of Pakistan could only get rid of the corrupt ruling elite, if they portrayed unity and stood against them. This was the only problem to put the country on the path of development, he added. Siraj said the nation needed to stand above of prejudices on the basis of language, region and religion to make the country strong and developed. He said the JI could turn the Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state if voted to power.