Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018
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PTI’s leader issues white paper on increasing incidents of child abuse

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Lahore: Member of core committee of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has issued white paperon “increasing child molestation, sexual violence and deteriorating law and order situation and role of flop government”

The whiter paper was issued on Thursday by former Governor Punjab revealed that during one year, 1725 cases of rape and 195 cases of gang rape have been reported in one year with daily average of 5. In one year, 6000 people have been killed in violent incidents. 100 children and women were killed after sexual assaults.

Some 41000 incidents of theft and dacoity have been registered , while 150000 have been reported. 76000 absconders, including 500 with head money and 109 terrorists, are committing crimes on daily basis. 74% cases have been reported in rural areas, while 26% in urban areas. On the other hand, the ratio of apprehension of criminals is less than 20%. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar called on the government to trial the accused of sexual violence, and child molestation in military courts. He also demanded quick trial and public hanging in Zainab case. Former Governor Punjab lamented upon the efforts of Punjab government to curb child molestation because in Pakistan everyday 4-5 children are victims of child molestation, while government is doing nothing. District Kasur and Faisalabad are on top in this list.

About 3100 mysterious deaths have been reported. The role of law enforcement agencies is limited to fake search operations. 3500 people committed suicide in Punjab, while 209 killed during dacoity incidents. Punjab police failed to trace the two missing German citizens Jeewani Spato, and Bird. Police also failed to trace the death body of Canada settled Indian banker Rajwind Core Gul. 34000 cases were registered in Punjab, while registration of one million cases was adjourned on technical basis. In Lahore, 335 cases of women rape and 31 of gang rape were reported. 2017 witnesses terrifying hike in the cases of street crimes and police incompetence was also on the peak. Due to illegibility of police, criminals find Punjab conducive for crimes.

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