Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018
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Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation silences over illegal construction

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Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation has kept quiet over encroachments and illegal construction in its jurisdiction.

A survey of Sadiqabad Rawalpindi conducted by media and found that illegal construction in the area is at rampant under the patronage of corrupt building inspectors of the municipality.

The main road Charah of Sadiqabad situates a private hospital that has extended its basement and built an underground passage using a side of the road.

The hospital has illegally occupied 10 ft area of the place marked for the parking that resulted into a frequent traffic jam.

The administration of the private hospital occupied the spot reserved for the visitors of the patients.

Sources disclosed that the Bilal Hospital administration was forced to stop illegal construction by the locals three months earlier but in the current week construction resumed rapidly.

Sources said that it was mere a temporary halt to circumvent resentment from those who suffer from traffic jam on daily basis.

When media contacted Municipal Corporation, none was available to respond on the issue, however Shafqat Raza Chief Officer told that he took charge of his office two weeks earlier and he didn’t visit the area.

He further maintained that notice to hospital administration has been issued.

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