Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017
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SC employees drawing 25% extra salary compared to govt servants

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Islamabad: The employees of Supreme Court of Pakistan are drawing extra 25% salary as compared to other employees of the federal government.

Sources while quoting a sensitive document sent to Parliamentary Committee said that incumbent government was so much kind to employees of the Supreme Court that it enhanced 25% extra salaries of SC employees. The employees of Federal Services Tribunal second at second while employees of Federal Board of Revenue are at third position of drawing higher salaries.

The document said that there was disparity among the salaries of federal government while the federal government has failed to form uniformed policy, in this regard. This disparity among employees was also against the verdicts of Supreme Court besides the constitution.

A federal government’s servant of grade 20 is drawing Rs 2201965 as basic pay while the employee of Supreme Court is drawing Rs 255185 as monthly basic salary. The employee of FBR working in same grade is drawing Rs 220196, health and education Rs 225116, police Rs 134629, Federal Services Tribunal Rs 262301,Intelligence bureau Rs 201810, ANF Rs99828, health Rs 123684, Supreme court Rs 109105, President secretariat Rs 93338 and PIMS Rs 123684.

An employee of grade 18 working in Supreme court is drawing Rs 85853 as basic salary, FBR Rs 78271, health Rs 82271, Police Rs 65000, National Highway Rs 90774, President Secretariat Rs 75998, FST Rs 112021, PIMS Rs 80594, IB Rs 80000, ANF 82171 while employees of the other ministries are drawing only Rs 36952.

Those serving in grade 17 in FBR are drawing Rs 55769 as their basic pay scale, police officer Rs 60896, NHA Rs 79242 while employees of the other department are drawing Rs 25080. Employees of FBR serving in grade 16 are receiving Rs 36768 as their basic salary, health Rs 32755 and supreme court employees of the same grade are getting Rs 52060, police Rs 45192, NHA Rs 45191, FST Rs 40780, PIMS Rs 27519, IB Rs 37095, ANF 38129 while employees of general ministries are drawing Rs 18128 as their basic salary.

Employees of Supreme court working in grade 11are drawing Rs 47935 as their basic salary while FBR Rs 37074, health Rs 38926, NHA Rs 32553, President Secretariat Rs 35665, PIMS Rs 42568, IB Rs 35274, ANF 46195 and other ministries Rs 12584.

A servant of FBR working in grade-II is drawing Rs 17502, health department Rs 19008, Supreme Court Rs 31143, Police 23400, NHA Rs 22250, President Secretariat Rs 15807, FST 26868, PIMS 18903 while other ministries Rs 11563.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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