Published On: Tue, May 4th, 2021
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SCCI supports traders protest against complete lockdown from May 8

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PESHAWAR: The Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has announced to fully support the traders’ protest against the government’s decision of imposing a complete lockdown from 8 to 16 May, terming the move was tantamount to economic murder of the community, which should be withdrawn immediately.

A complete lockdown was unaffordable for covid-19 hit businesses, industries and trade, as the global covid-19 pandemic has already brought negative impacts to the national economy, says Sherbaz Bilour while talking to a delegation of traders’ community here on Monday.

He urged the government to withdraw a notification issued by authorities concerned regarding a complete lockdown, which will be imposed across the province from 8 to 16 May.

Sherbaz went on to say that the week-long complete closure of business activities is tantamount to further pushing the covid-19 affected businesses and economy into a complete collapse.

He observed the covid-19 hit businesses were yet not fully recovered, the government has started again imposing smart lockdown and now a complete lockdown from 8 to 16 May, which couldn’t be acceptable to them.

Therefore, he fully backed the traders’ community protest over the government’s move pertaining to a weeklong complete lockdown in the entire province. He called upon the incumbent rulers to stop economic genocide of trading community immediately.

The government’s anti-business policies have brought economic stagnation, whereas the smooth functioning of trade, industrial, import and export activities were adversely affected as a result of these policies, says Sherbaz Bilour.

The SCCI chief said the government, though business-hostile policies, has multiplied miseries of traders’ community instead of giving relief to them. He added there is no justification of imposing a complete lockdown during the last week of the holy month of Ramazan and on advent of Eid ul Fitr, the largest Muslim religious festival.

While sensing the gravity of the situation, Sherbaz Bilour urged the government to immediately withdraw notification regarding a weeklong complete lockdown across the province, otherwise, the traders will strongly react against it and launch an organized protest campaign across the province.