Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016
Published in Category: District News

Security Forces recovers heavy ammunition in search operation

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HANGU: In a search operation in Orakzai Agency, security forces on Tuesday recovered heavy cache of arms and ammunition.

According to the reports, terrorists saved heavy reservoir of arms and ammunition in secret house of Commander Mohammad Islam of banned outfit. The forces on tip of intelligence agencies raided on the house and recovered 104 82MM Mor, 50 Fuse, 5 hand grenades, 8 hand bombs, mines, 12.7 ballot box, 45 boxes of 14.5, one telescope, 31 SPG-9 and thousand of bullets of heavy machine guns.

According to police, terrorist are planning to use this ammunition for a major action in Hangu and Orakzai Agency. However, the forces in a successful operation foiled the plan of militants.