Published On: Thu, Mar 27th, 2014
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Senate body demands revision of National Sports Policy-2005

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ISLAMABAD: The Senate Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination, Wednesday, demanded of the government that the National Sports Policy 2005 needs to be reviewed in light of international standards.

The convener of Senate body Saleem H Mandviwala presented the recommendations that government should not create any hurdle in the working of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and collaborate with the OIC to resolve any conflict.

He said the National Sports policy 2005 needs to be reviewed in light of international standards and be amended to be coherent to International Olympics Association Charter to avoid situations of confects. Conflict with international associations will only create hindrances for Pakistan to be represented on international forum and set a negative image, he added.

The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Rule, 1981 need to be reviewed in light of the international standards as well. The amendment and inclusion of rule 4(II) and 4(11) were made to the Sports rules to empower the Sports board to implement the National Sports Policy and not to enforce the policy. The power should be restricted to the implementation and all decision of the sports board shall be free of all political and external biases.

Senate body deliberated that the PSB already recognizes that POA is not associated or affiliated to the PSB and is an independent autonomous body and also is financially independent of the Pakistan Sports Board. Therefore, any involvement or imposition of a policy by the Pakistan Sports Board does not have a legal standing.

It is also to be noted that the International Observers monitored the elections of the POA and were satisfied with the election held in February 2012.

As per the ordinance and rules of POA, the elections held by interim committee have no legal standing not only under the POA charter but also as per IOC therefore, it is to be noted that the elections held under the observer-ship of international observers to be respected.

Furthermore, the National Sports Policy, 2005 is policy and is not a “law of the land.” Therefore, the policy can be implemented and cannot be enforced.

Pakistan Sports Board has been working with IOC have deliberated and minutes of the meeting have already been sent to Pakistan Sports Board by IOC. Pakistan Sports Board should seek to either endorse the minutes of the meeting held in Switzerland or a mission from Pakistan Sports board with the Minister in charge and member of the Senate Standing Committee should visit the IOC office in Switzerland to reach a resolution.

The Sports Federations, which are affiliated with Pakistan Sports Board, have to follow the Sports Policy 2005 and it is the responsibility of the Pakistan Sports Board to act as a monitoring / overseeing body to ensure the proper implementation of the policy.

As the sports Federations, which are not affiliated, with Pakistan Sport Board are not refrain from interfering in the working of these Sports Federations. This is in line with the Supreme Court of Pakistan judgment.

Senator Kulsoom Perveen, Dr. Saeeda Iqbal, Surya Ameerud Din, Senator Farrukh Aqal, Additional Secretary Tariq Zaman and DG Pakistan Sports Board Akhtar Nawaz participated in the meeting.}