Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016
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Serious efforts essential for rights of journalists, media workers: urge journalists bodies

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Karachi: Senior representative from APNEC, PFUJ, KUJ and journalists bodies said that serious efforts are essential to make implementation for rights of journalists and media workers as the situation is very alarming in Pakistan.

Chairman Shafiuddin Ashraf Secretary General APNEC Syed Ikram Bukhari, Secretary General PFUJ Khurshid Abbasi, Expert Media Laws Mohammad Aftab Alam ,Vice president Central APNEC Dara Zafar, President Global Journalist Group Fawad Mehmood and other participants express their views in Workshop on “communicating rights at work” held by IRADA here on Tuesday.

Immad Ashraf, the country Program Manager of Solidarity Centre, said that media these days considered one of the frontline defender of rights of people. But when it comes to rights of journalists and media workers at work, the situation is very alarming in Pakistan.

He expressed his views in one day Para Legal workshop on the topic of “Communicating rights at work” organized by IRADA in partnership with Solidarity Centre here in Karachi. Trainer of the workshop Mr. Aftab Alam Advocate said, the number of working journalists in Pakistan has increased from 2,000 to more than 18,000, and the number of other media industry workers has increased from 7,000 to more than 300,000 during last thirteen years.

The rapid growth in the industry has been accompanied by a decrease in respect for journalists’ basic labour rights, including fair wages, decent employment conditions, trade union rights, and physical safety on the job.

The participants were of the view that there is no significant role of our Unions to educate journalists and media workers about labour laws and also they do not help them in any victimized situation.

Afsar Imran, President Karachi Union of Journalists said that the existing laws are sufficient to ensure rights, but serious efforts are essential to make their implementation.

Shafiuddin Ashraf, Chairman APNEC said, we are our selves responsible for the miseries of journalists and media workers. of media should unite themselves to get insure the rights of media men.

Ghulam Mustafa said, unions need to work closely with members and international organizations like ILO to improve the current situation of journalists’ labour rights.

Mr. Aftab Alam Advocate, trainer of the workshop concluded the session that there is grave need to understand laws of media industry and should make combined efforts to bring in the scene for effective implementation.

IRADA is a researched based not for profit organization, working with civil society and media with a special focus on Legal issues.

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