Published On: Tue, Nov 14th, 2017
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Sit-in by Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan paralyzes life in twin cities

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Rawalpindi: A protest and sit in being staged by the activists of Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan at Faizabad flyover has paralyzed life not only in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi but all Tehisls, which are connected to twin cities.

The transportation and communication system have been disrupted while Metro bus service between twin cities remained suspended. The suspension of metro bus service not only creating problems for the commuters of twin cities but inflicting heavy loss to national exchequer.

Protestors led by their Ameer Labbaik Pakistan, Khadim Hussain Rizvi started their march from Lahore on November 06 and upon reaching Islamabad on November 07 were stopped at Faizabad flyover. Islamabad administration and police did not allow them to make advancement towards their desired destination Parliament House. As a result, activists of Labbaik Pakistan staged sit in at Faizabad fly over.

Protestors forcibly closed halted movement of traffic, which was proceeding to different areas of the country. The protest has entered into seventh consecutive day and closure of roads has led to shortage of grains and other victuals in markets of twin cities.

Not only residents of twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are facing worst problems due to closure of transportation services but visitors from different parts of the country including patients, students and businessmen are facing hectic problems. On the other hand, mobile service has been suspended in different sectors of Islamabad and some areas of Rawalpindi. Despite passage of one week, the government was unable to chalk out any solid strategy to tackle this situation.

Students of different schools and colleges also complained of reaching their schools and colleges and then home very late. Long queues of vehicles were witnessed at IJ Principal road, Double road, Murree road, Rawal road, Airport road, 9th Avenue, Peshawar road and other areas.

Residents have demanded of the government to issue directives regarding declaring roads of Rawalpindi as one way and also warned that if it failed to locate viable solution immediately then it (government) and administration would be responsible of the circumstances.

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