Published On: Thu, Apr 12th, 2018
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Society based on injustice can not sustain: CJP

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Quetta: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has said that we do not have power to change the law of British era.

“ we do not have power to change the law of British era. Qazi do not take decisions on their sweet will but they proceed as per law and constitution”, he said this while addressing judges and lawyers here Wednesday. .

The CJP held that” we do not have power to change the law which was enacted in 1908. Speedy justice could be ensured even if we follow this law.

People are hopeful that judiciary will ensure justice to them but I am feeling that we are not using our capabilities as per set criteria, he added.

Whose right has been encroached, he knocks the doors court and he has to wait for the decision for a number of years. Who is responsible for this?, he underlined.

Judges of high court , other courts including me are responsible in delaying the administration of justice, he added.

Who will provide justice to the person who fights for his right, he inquired.

He said that cooperation and resources are not being provided to us by the government but despite it we will have to work .

May be I or some one else, we have to put our house in order. People become disgusted if justice is not provided to them on time. I do not understand why it takes too long in civil cases that these cases continue to run for 4 years, he added.

I wonder that where those competent judges have gone to whose decisions were written with pearls and their decisions were never changed if they came in SC, he held.

Justice is must in any society because the society based on injustice could not sustain while litigation is decease for any society, he remarked.

He said being a CJP I say in categorical term that I do not feel any difference between the job of Civil Judge, Judicial Magistrate and Chief Justice. Every citizen has the right that justice be provided to him on time.

He further said that I have announced to start judicial reforms from Balochistan. Society with Kufar (disbelief) can sustain but society with tyranny and injustice cannot sustain.

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