Published On: Fri, May 13th, 2022
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Solar energy can mitigate power crisis in Pakistan

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LAHORE: Solar energy is one of the most economical ,pollution free and environment friendly main sources which can help mitigate power crisis braving the country since long. Talking to a delegation of progressive farmers led by Sabir Hussain ,Secretary General,Pakistan Hi Tech Hybrid Seed Assoiciation,Chairman United Business Group in Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shahzad Ali Malik here on Thursday said Pakistan is confronted with severe energy crisis and load shedding is also badly affecting the economic growth besides hitting the agriculture sector and commercial activities .He said countries around the globe are opting for the relatively inexpensive power generation source but unfortunately Pakistan is lagging behind what’s we need is large scale establishment of solar parks across the country at technically feasible locations. He said in the prevailing scenario , the country is in a dire need of uninterrupted hydro and solar power generation to meet the ever increasing energy demand.He said currently the country relies on expensive, non-renewable fossil fuels for power generation, which are depleting rapidly.He said fossil fuels have remained the dominant source of energy for the last few centuries.They helped accelerate economic growth but at the cost of countless conflicts and ever growing greenhouse gas emissions posing threat to our planet in the form of human induced climate change. Notwithstanding this troubling backdrop,today’s world seems to embrace a new era of a solar energy revolution, he added.