Published On: Sun, Sep 8th, 2019
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Tea smuggling through ATT causing loss of Rs 10 billion to national kitty annually

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PESHAWAR: Tea smuggling through Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) is inflicting loss to the tune of Rs 10 bill on national kitty per annum.

According to Tea Association sources, 43 percent tax has been imposed on tea imported from other countries. Owing to heavy taxes tea is being smuggled in the country through Afghan Transit Trade. Over 25 percent of total used tea comes through smuggling in the country.

Smuggling is being done through women and disabled persons to different areas of city. They voice protest over the action taken by city police against them. They are of view that they should be allowed to smuggle tea.

Competition Commission has proposed to expunge tea from ATT list saying the smuggling door can be slammed if this proposal is implemented.

Tea smuggling graph has slightly gone down with protecting Afghan Torkhum border.