Published On: Tue, Sep 17th, 2019
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Tug of power war between Mayor Islamabad, PM special assistant for CDA extinguish stoves of 1800 sanitary workers

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ISLAMABAD: Tug of war over power grabbing between Mayor Islamabad and Prime Minister (PM) Special assistant for Capital Development Authority (CDA) Ali Nawaz has extinguished the stoves of low paid 1800 sanitary workers amid the reports they stand deprived of their salary since the last five months.

Any chance for rejuvenating their hopes for disbursement of salary still stands remote as both the aforementioned leaders have decided to resort to court against each other. Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz has moved Supreme Court (SC) while Ali Nawaz has announced to approach court.

This bout has led to convert the federal capital into mammoth dump of garbage with filth littering in every nook and corner of this metropolis.

The sanitary workers numbering in hundreds staged protest rally outside NAB office near Lal Mosque Monday against non payment of their salary to them since the last five months.

The protesting workers said four children are not being allowed to attend the classes in their respective schools without payment of fees. How tyrannical it is that we are performing our duties on hopes against hope that we will be paid salary on next day and on since five months. Now we will not work without salary.

Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz while talking to reporter said the contract system of cleanliness is not under my control and it is going on under CDA arrangement. This is CDA which always pay salaries to them. Now these funds have been withheld deliberately to shift the burden on us.

“Eversince local body institutions have come to existence we are struggling for our revival. We have funds but we can not spend them illegally. CDA high ups want that all funds of mayor office be transferred to CDA. But it cannot be done so. Special advisor to Prime Minister and his associates want we should not be able to work. I have resorted to Supreme Court and I hope justice will be administered to us. CDA has not handed over the concerned department to us. In this situation we cannot allow that funds should be utilized illegally. In this context court will decide better”, he remarked.

Ali Nawaz Awan on the other hand has announced to approach the court saying efforts are underway to make Islamabad as Karachi. If sanitary workers are not paid salaries then the city will be bursting with filth and garbage.

He charged Mayor Islamabad is hell bent upon converting federal capital into Kachra Mandi. We will request the court to hand over MCI to CDA or Met office for the betterment of Islamabad because Mayor Sheikh Aziz spend most his time in London, therefore, he evinces no interest in the problems facing Islamabad.

He underlined federal government has approved Rs 250 million for Islamabad and initial grant of Rs 50 million is likely to be released within a day or two. Islamabad cannot be left at the mercy of Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz.

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