Published On: Sat, May 8th, 2021
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United traders Alliance holds meeting in Peshawar

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Peshawar: An 11-member committee of United Traders Alliance on Friday held a meeting in Peshawar.

The meeting was attended by President Haji Muhammad Afzal, President Sharafat Ali Mubarak, President Shahid Khan, President Mujeeb Rehman, President Khalid Ayub, President Habibullah Zahid, President Haji Abdul Naseer, President Khalid Gul Mohmand and President Bilal Javed.

In a joint statement, they said Chief Minister Mehmood Khan had assured the traders not to lock down the meeting but he did not keep his promise and launched a lockdown drone on the traders of the province.

Traders Mashran have announced that they will boycott every meeting with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial ministers from now on.

The merchants are peaceful people and the merchants never wanted to clash with the state institutions.

This government left no stone unturned in killing the traders economically. The traders wholeheartedly accepted every decision of the government to control the corona virus so that the business community would not be blamed for the spread of the disease by the traders.

The government itself has spread the disease by reducing business hours and limiting working days.

What could be more proof of the incompetence of the government than the way in which the disease was spread by crowding the markets and bridging the social gap? Instead of improving the country’s economy, the government killed businessmen and increased unemployment and inflation.

Apart from the business community, the daily wage and working class government has not even thought about where it will earn a living for its family in this 9-day lockdown. Theft will rob. The same rise in unemployment also led to an increase in crime.

Traders have been forced to protest for their rights. After Eid-ul-Fitr, all the trade associations in the province, in consultation with each other, will launch a trader-save-economy-save-country movement against these anti-business decisions of the government.