Published On: Fri, Jul 30th, 2021
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War is not the solution to the problem, peace must be given a chance, Farrukh Habib

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Islamabad: Minister of State for information Farrukh Habib has said that war is not the solution to any problem now, peace must be given a chance.

He said this while addressing Pak-Afghan media conference in PNCA here Thursday.

Pakistan wants a government after the withdrawal of US forces, which is representative of all stakeholders in Afghanistan. Peaceful Afghanistan is in Pakistani’s interest, he held.

The people of Afghanistan, especially the youth, should have equal opportunities for development. Even today, 3 million Afghan refugees are part of Pakistan.

The people of former FATA and other areas and Afghans have thousands of years old ties, a historical fact that cannot be overlooked.

Farrukh Habib said that Afghanistan is a brotherly neighbour of Pakistan and it is an indisputable fact that cannot be changed. Pakistan and Afghanistan have to live together.

He said that Pakistan is trying to establish peace with Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US forces, a government should establish in Afghanistan that is representative of all stakeholders in Afghanistan.

“ For decades there has been a war in Afghanistan, in which people of Afghanistan lagged behind in development. Now, the people of Afghanistan need to provide equal opportunities for development to certain youth” he said.

Farrukh Habib said that Pakistan is a country which has made 3 million Afghan refugees a part of Pakistan even today. Afghans are doing business here, children are married to each other.

However, the current government of Pakistan and Imran Khan support the Afghan-led government inside Afghanistan.

We want training sessions to be held to enhance the capacity of media in Afghanistan. In this regard, the service of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are offered. .

He said that meetings with each other helps in bridging the communication gap and understanding each other.

A large number of Afghans come to Faisalabad and buy various products and take them to their country. Afghans come to Pakistan for medical treatment. Pakistan is keeping its heart open.

Answering a question, he said that there is no military solution to Afghan problem. Pakistan has been trying to reach a consensus among all stakeholders through dialogue.

Afghanistan has a key role to play in uniting the central Asian States. Positive efforts are being made in this regard.

He said that Afghan media should highlight Pakistan’s commitment towards a peaceful Afghanistan because Pakistan is also a country that was affected by Afghan war, we had to suffer an economic loss of 150 billion dollars, 70, 000 lives were lost.

Afghanistan embers of the fire have been coming to Pakistan as well. Now war is not a solution to any problem, now we have to give a peace a chance, Pakistan and Afghanistan media has a positive role in it.