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£190m scandal: Imran Khan’s further physical remand rejected

RAWALPINDI: Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Special Accountability Court of Islamabad rejected request for further physical remand of the chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the £190 million pound scandalCourt sent Imran Khan to jail on judicial remand.After the physical remand ended, the NAB officials requested for more physical remand, which was rejected by the courtChairman PTI's lawyer Sardar Latif Khosa, his wife Bushra Bibi, sisters Aleema Khan and Uzma Khan, besides NAB prosecutor were also present at the hearing yesterday(Monday).On the occasion of the hearing, the situation outside the Adiala Jail became tense when the citizens outside the jail surrounded the vehicle of Bushra Bibi, (former first lady) and chanted slogans against the PTI Chairman.On this occasion, the citizens shouted slogans in front of Bushra Bibi's car and demanded immediate action against Bushra Bibi for performing an illegitimate (against Shariah) marriage.Meanwhile, Chairman PTI's lawyer Sardar Latif Khosa whi le talking to the media outside the jail said that the court has rejected the physical remand of Chairman PTI on behalf of NAB and has made him judicial. While we had previously opposed the physical remand of Chairman PTIHe said that the National Crime Agency (NCA) itself has sent money amounting to 35 billion to the account of the Supreme Court. The amount of 190 million has directly entered the government treasury. We have been saying since the first day that the NCA sent the money to the account of the Supreme Court.He said that Imran Khan has no direct connection with Al-Qadir Trust 190 million pounds. In our view, the Al-Qadir Trust case is over. A regular campaign and media trial is being conducted against Chairman PTI. A drama was orchestrated outside , despite this, PTI chairman's position is that we will go to the election with full force.Latif Khosa said that the institution of NAB has been created for political revenge, NAB has become a facilitator in the cases of Sharif brothers, Nawaz Shari f has not been expelled on Iqama, there are 10 volumes, Ishaq Dar's statement regarding money laundering is on record.There are no signs of presenting the chairman PTI tomorrow in the cipher case, if the caretaker cannot provide security to anyone, then it should resign, added Latif.NAB requested for physical remand by presenting a document containing 25 to 30 points.He said that Chairman PTI said that NAB people ask questions for 10 minutes and then gossip. This is the reason why Chairman PTI did not seem bothered by the NAB investigation.Latif Khosa said that if the formula of minus one and two is still used, then the country cannot move forward.Meanwhile, Shah Mehmood Qureshi's family members and lawyers met him in Adiala Jail. Mehreen Qureshi, Mehrabano Qureshi, Gohar Bano Qureshi and Barrister Taimur Malik were among who met him.Family and lawyers met in the conference room of Adiala Jail and Shah Mahmood Qureshi's family discussed the jail facilities and cases.