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£190m scandal investigation’s inside story emergs

ISLAMABAD: The inside story regarding the investigation of the 190 million pound scandal between former Prime Minister and Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)team has come to light.Not only did Imran Khan behave threateningly in front of the NAB investigation teams, but he kept claiming to come out soon and become the prime minister again.He answered most of the questions related to Al-Qadir Trust and the 190 million pound scandal, I don't remember now, he kept insisting on that to "call my lawyers", he kept threatening NAB directly, all his answers were recorded.Sources said that on the occasion of the investigation of the 190 million pounds scandal, the Adiala Jail authorities have allocated a separate room, Chairman PTI was seated on a chair in front of the investigation team.Sources said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan did not cooperate with the NAB teams during the four-day investigation and his attitude was very arrogant during the investigation. Several questions were also asked about this scandal, but the former prime minister often avoided answering the questions and kept demanding questions and answers in the presence of his lawyers.Sources said that the former prime minister kept calling it a big project of spirituality and Sufism on questions related to Al-Qadir Trust, he gave a long speech in response to every question and mentioning reprisals.According to the sources, Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf put all the debris related to 190 million pounds on Shahzad Akbar and a former military official, saying that the documents that Shahzad Akbar and the former NAB chairman had were part of the record.Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf complained that the cabinet had approved the entire agreement, but now they all backed out, however, the NAB team at that time presented the minutes of the cabinet meeting, on which the former prime minister said that as the prime minister, I am not responsible for this whole issue. I was not solely responsible for the decision i t was of cabinet as collective.During the investigation, Chairman PTI also admitted to making many wrong decisions.Sources said that NAB has been carrying all the record documents of the two cases along with the minutes of the past meetings.On the other hand, investigative sources said that PTI chairman still considers himself as the prime minister, when he was shown the documents related to the scandal, he would say, "I don't remember", he would ask the names of the members of the investigation team and then threaten that soon he will get out of here and will see you all.All the things they said during the investigation have been recorded which will be presented at the appropriate forum.