Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2023
Published in Category: Court / General

1973 constitution is not meant for SC, it is for all: Justice Qazi Faez Isa

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ISLAMABAD: Senior judge of Supreme Court (SC) Qazi Faez Isa has said 1973 constitution is not only for Supreme Court (SC) and the rights of all are enshrined therein.

" we can interpret constitution. When some injustice is done it does not stay for long. Justice Munir sowed the toxic seed of breaking Pakistan, he said this while addressing a ceremony held here with reference to golden jubilee of the constitution here Wednesday.

He said the constitution is not meant for politicians, some people, parliament or judiciary but it is meant for people. Creation of Pakistan was a difficult job but it was done in 1947. But the work of giving constitution to people was not done timely. Election was not held under constituent assembly of 1956. In 1958 one man imposed martial law. In 1962 this government servant made his constitution. Election were held under this constitution in 1965. He could not control the situation despite having full powers.

In 1971 country was dismembered and the reason behind it was a wrong court's decision.

He underlined the allegations were levelled that 1977 elections were not held in transparent manner. Despite it both the rivals sat on negotiating table. The matters were settled among the both parties. The agreement was to be signed but an other person came. He remained imposed on nation for 11 years. Then the court awarded death sentence for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Then referendum and democracy drama was enacted. When referendum is held then turn out remains 98 percent despite the fact that 98 percent polling booths remain vacant in referendum. The general elections are held forcefully and turn out does not go beyond 60 percent.

Zia ul Haq used 58-2/B. Then Ghulam Ishaq Khan used 58-2/b twice.