Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014
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2014 is The Year of Love: J Salik

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ISLAMABAD: Convener World Minority Alliance Dr. J Salik, Wednesday, celebrated 2014 as “The year of Love” .Portraits of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah presided while portraits of Nelson Mandella and Pope John Poul ll were the chief guests of the event.

All the anchor were specially invited in this function as anchors are the best source of spreading Love, the portraits of all anchors were there on the chairs of them to represent the anchor who were not presentin the event.

Asif Luqman Qazi said that our society is being divided on the basis of religion, race & colour, language and areas, and it’s against prosperity of the country. Islam is the religion of love & peace and all the citizens are equal in Pakistan, he said.

He also talked about the selection method for minority members, Minorities should also have the right to select their members via election, he said. He said that terrorism is a great threat for our country but it’s the supreme responsibility of Government to provide protection to all citizens and their alters.

Dr. Toor from Jamat e Islami talked on this occasion too. Minorities are not protected here in Pakistan but government should provide protection to minorities, he said. He said that minorities should also create their space by participating in politics, and they should live with love and brotherhood, he said.

Dr. J Slaik in his speech told a very small history of New Year. We celebrate New Year after eight days of Christmas because it’s the circumcision day of Jesus Christ and its day when he was named as Jesus Christ, he said.

He said that anchors are the best source of spreading Love so they have to prove this year as “The Year of Love.” Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Nelson Mandella and Pope John Poul ll showed their love for public in their lives in the exemplary way, he said. Dr. J Salik said that it’s the time when we have to show our love with our country because Pakistan really deserves our true love.