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4 crore rupees of abroad scholarships revealed to be missing

Islamabad: Under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Education Foundation, it has been revealed that crores of rupees of scholarships abroad have gone missing.According to documents, scholarship money of students studying at China University was transferred to private accounts.Degrees and language certificates of hundreds of students were trapped due to the scandal. Education Foundation has started an investigation into the disappearance of 4 crores.The affected students said that the monthly stipend and other expenses have not been paid to the university for 3 years. Foundation sources said that the scholarship money was transferred to a private account instead of China University.Sources said that former officials of the foundation are involved in the scandal. Departmental inquiry has been started. Chang'an University has said in its post that most of the students' money was not transferred to the account.On this issue, effort is being made to take stance of MD Education Foundation. However, currently, no concerned official could be contacted.