Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2023
Published in Category: Islamabad

436 Pakistanis were named in Panama leaks but decision was given against only one person: Siraj ul Haq

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ISLAMABAD: JI Amir Siraj ul Haq has said there were names of 436 Pakistanis in Panama Leaks and decision was given only against one person and nothing was done against 435 persons.

"We are waging struggle against corruption in the country. There were names of 436 Pakistanis in the news of Panama Leaks. JI had filed application seeking action on it. Regrettably decision was given only against one person. Nothing was done against the remaining 435 persons. Two judges of Panama leaks bench became chief justices but they did nothing. What the accountability related institutions are doing in the country. What did NAB and other institutions do, he said this while talking to media men outside the Supreme Court (SC) on Friday.

He held our these institutions did nothing. The cases are closed against those who come in the government. All the institutions become active against the opposition. We want Supreme Court (SC) should discharge its obligations.

Inflation is at its peak in the country. The wealth of certain people is on rise. This is a robbery which has been committed on hard earned money of people. Approaching the SC is not issue of party but it is issue of all people.

According to international survey corruption of Rs 7 billion is committed in Pakistan , he indicated. All the institutions stand annihilated due to corrupt people.

I hope we will get justice. One JIT be formed this time too. Help should be taken from the institutions for which they have been established, he added.