Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014
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5 of the 6 men found with throats slit near shrine identified

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KARACHI: Five the six mean found dead, with their throats slit, near a shrine on the outskirts of Karachi have been identified, police said Tuesday.

The corpses were lying near the shrine of Ayub Shah Bukhari, considered a saint by Sufi Muslims. Three of the dead worked at the shrine while the others were frequent visitors.

Police said a note reading “Stop visiting shrines — from the Pakistani Taliban” was found at the scene along with a bloodstained knife.

The Taliban denounce worship at shrines as a grave sin and have carried out many deadly bomb and suicide attacks against Sufis in recent years. Five of the six victims were later identified as Munawar, Jinn, Saleem, Ramzan, and Abid.

Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub, has been plagued for years by ethnic, political, sectarian and criminal violence.