Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2019
Published in Category: Accidents / Health / Karachi

A child killed,2 policemen, one child injured in firing incident

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Karachi: .An armed person opened fire on a house during an event leaving one child killed and two policemen along one kid  injured

According to police reports an armed man opened  fire on a house in Lamdi near Qaid Abad (Karachi) during an event and  as a result one child was killed while two policemen and one child got injured.

This tragedy took place when an event was underway to celebrate birth of a child and  person with arms  entered in home and opened  fire. During firing  two policemen along with two children were got injured. However during treatment  in hospital one of the child died in hospital. According to MLO Doctor Ijaz Ahmad ,Sajad was shot from 4 to 5 feet  and the nature of wound shows that the bullet is of small weapon. After firing the accused hid himself in other house, but police conducted a raid on the house after which firing between police and accused took place and  the police arrested the accused.