Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2023
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Academia Industrial linkage urged

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LAHORE: The Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman and Chairman Kyrgyzstan Trade House Meher Kashif Younis Wednesday said in prevailing global scenario, industrial robotics, artificial intelligence and manufacturing based economy are pre-requisite for sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

It was stated by him here today at a meeting with Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission Dr Shahid Munir.President Gold Ring Economic Forum,a strategic think tank,Hasnain Raza was also present.He said over the years, industry-academia collaboration has enhanced knowledge, innovation and played an integral part in the economic growth of developed countries. He said the linkage of academia and industry has a strategic role in developing critical skills required by industry (both production and service sector), generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge, and in promoting entrepreneurship (start-ups and spin-offs).Similarly, the expansion of market driven research and innovation at university level can be utilized at industrial level to foster commercialization.

He said the interaction between industry and academia has been a key for economic growth in developed world. He said the focus of academia has to be on the current needs and market trends. Unless industry and academia is not on the same page, there will always be a mismatch between the skills and knowledge required at industry and the graduates produced by universities.

Meher Kashif Younis said In Pakistan, the industrial academia linkage (IAL) situation is not encouraging and there is vast gap between the knowledge produced and knowledge required by the industry. He said Pakistan’s local trade and industry needs effort in competing with international companies.

He said Pakistani firms not only need to compete at local level but also to compete at global level. However, there are significant challenges that need to be addressed he added.

Chairperson Dr Shahid Munir said teaching universities requires support of industries in designing their curriculum and support in students/graduates placement. Research based universities requires support of industry to channelize their research activities with respect to local needs and to take advantage from technological advancement. Furthermore, he said the entrepreneurial universities require support of industry in developing business incubation services and in promoting entrepreneurship education.

However, university cannot achieve these objectives without support of industry.He said universities create knowledge and unless that knowledge is

not based on the industrial need, it is of no use. He said similarly the research and area of research needs to be associated with the current market

problems and needs. Thus, without an active role of industry it is not possible. Moreover,Therefore, the cooperation and collaboration of academia

and industry is crucial for economic growth and sustainability he added .

He said this collaboration can neither sustain nor develop without intercession from the chambers of commerce he concluded.