Published On: Sat, Dec 21st, 2013
Published in Category: District News

Advice to mango growers

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MULTAN: Agriculture experts have asked growers to spray micro-nutrients on mango plants’ leaf after their chemical analysis to meet their immediate food needs.

In a press release issued by the media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said that five micro-nutrients including zinc, boron, iron and copper are fed to soil with animal waste while other elements like nitrogen, phosphorous and potash are also fed to the soil. These elements keep soil fertile and ensure good fruit production, the release said.

Animal waste be applied at a rate of 30-40 kg per plant in case of smaller plants and 80-120 kg per plant in case of bigger plants. For phosphorous application, TSP or DAP be applied at a rate of 1 to 1.5 kilogram per smaller plants and 2 kg per bigger mango plants.

For Potash fertiliser application, potassium sulphate be applied at half to 1 kg per smaller plant and 1.5 to 2 per bigger plant. The quantity of gypsum should remain the same at 10 kg per plant of any size.

Hoeing be performed while applying fertilizers which should be affectively mixed with soil. For application of micro-nutrients, 200 gram mixture of 25 per cent copper sulphate, 32 % manganese sulphate, and 19 per cent ferrous sulphate in 100 litre water be sprayed. Moreover,

240 gram mixture of 11 % borix and 23 % zinc sulphate in 100 litres of water be also sprayed.

Experts, however, added that spray should be applied only after chemical analysis of leaf at a time when the plant is in active condition. Spray should be preferred few days before flower stage when temperature is low i.e. morning time or after evening.