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Annual sports week 2023 in first day School System

PESHAWAR: Happy Day School System Peshawar Cantt in Garrison Park Peshawar started the ceremony with the recitation of Holy Quran, after which special guest Director Dr. Syed Dawood Bukhari and School Principal Maimoona Rauf opened the ceremony by cutting the ribbon, after which Prep. The class children presented various colorful games Like March Pass, Gymnastics, Athletes, Cricket, Rasa Kashi, PT, Tableau, etc. Children's colorful dresses and games made the event a highlight. At the end of the games, medals and prizes were distributed among the winning children. Special guests of the program, Director Dr. Syed Dawood Bukhari and Principal of the school, Maimoona Rauf, among the children. Prizes were distributed. Finally, the ceremony ended with the National Anthem.