Published On: Tue, Dec 31st, 2013
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ANP terms Imrans demand for devolvement of PESCO as foolish

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ISLAMABAD: Awami National Party (ANP) terming Imran Khans demand of devolving Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) to provincial government as foolish said that it is useless until control of production and transmission system is handed to the province.

Talking to journalists in Parliament House, President ANP Senator Haji Adeel has said that Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KP) government has issued statement regarding PESCOs control without any consideration adding it is a childish statement, he added.

If production, transmission and distribution companies be given to province than load-shedding can be terminated from province, he mentioned.

He added that there are three resolutions passed by KP assembly demanding production, transmission and distribution companies of electricity from centre.

Haji Adeel said that PESCO is generating 500 megawatt electricity from KP and province is selling this on minimal rates of 1.50 rupees per unit to WAPDA (Water and Power Distribution Company).

According to constitution, we should be given our due right as prescribed by ANG Qazi formula and this formula has many times approved by Council of Common Interests (CCI), ANP President said.

The Senator disclosed that KP had been receiving 6 billion rupees profit annually from 1990 to 2012 but this has been stopped now.

ANP demanded that provincial profit which is equal to some 45 billion rupees should be given to the province but province is not getting any amount in this regard recently, he added.

Adeel disclosed that PESCO is under billion of rupees debt and it system is outdated also.

ANP president reminded that ANP government started 22 projects in its tenure which will generate 2400 MW electricity.

We will never accept Kala Bagh dam, we will rather sink Imran Khan and his party instead of drowning Peshawar, he mentioned.

Haji Adeel reminded that 11 resolutions of three provinces opposed construction of KB dam and if it is constructed this will be contempt of provincial assemblies resolutions.

Talking about Musharraf, he added that Musharraf is befooling others as if army had backed him he would not even have been arrested.

They had rather asked to Musharraf not to come back, he concluded.