Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2013
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Ansar Burney condemned HR violations in Syria

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KARACHI: Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and UN former Expert Advisor on Human Rights, Ansar Burney has strongly condemned shocking abuses in northern Syria where Children as young as seven years old have been detained in secret prisons held along-with adults in cruel and inhuman conditions.

He said that these secret prisons in Syria are being run by an armed militant group that controls large areas of northern Syria, has ruthlessly flouted the basic human and civil rights of local people.

Ansar Burney said some of them including underage children and women held in Syria by armed group of militants were accused of crimes like smoking cigarettes, having cameras etc. Others are seized for challenging Militants rule. Many local Syrian Muslims utterly reject the abuses of Militants, but feel trapped.

He said that Ansar Burney Trust International is very much concern that the families across Syria are in a desperate struggle to survive daily violence, unjust imprisonment, and other human and civil rights abuses.

Ansar Burney requested with International community, European Union and United Nations to come forward to help people under threats by militants in Syria.
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