Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2023
Published in Category: Islamabad

Appeals on rejected regarding re-conduct of MD CAT, review appeals ready

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ISLAMABAD: Revision appeals have been prepared on the rejected applications regarding the re-conduct of the MD CAT examination across the country. A copy of the decision of the Supreme Court was applied for, which is likely to be filed today (Monday), it will also be available today, after which a review application will be filed against the court decision. The application will be filed by Ikram Chaudhry Advocate and other advocates. On the other hand, there has been a rush of students across the country for the re-examination of MD CAT on Sunday. It should be noted that the Supreme Court dismissed the petitions filed against the re-conduct of the MD CAT test in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. The Supreme Court had upheld the decision of the High Court to re-conduct the MD CAT test in KP and Sindh. A three-member bench headed by Justice Yahya Afridi heard the case. The Peshawar High Court had declared the provincial government's authority to re-conduct the MD CAT test on the basis of duplicates. In the Supreme Court, many lawyers, including Habibullah Qureshi Advocate, appeared in the court and gave arguments, but the court said that the system has been damaged due to the students taking the exam by cheating, so it is necessary to re-examine it. On this, the lawyers said that the Peshawar High Court has also interfered in it, so how can that decision be maintained, the Supreme Court said that now that there are only two exams left, they do not want to interfere in this. The lawyers said in their stand in the court that 40 thousand people have been affected, there are 5 types of papers, they are not the same, one paper has been leaked, not in Karachi but in Larkana. On the other hand, PMDC's counsel said in the court that forensics of 2 mobile phones was done which proved that the paper was leaked, inquiry committee, provincial cabinet told PMDC that re-test will be done. During the hearing, the petitioner's counsel asked that the date of the test be extended by 2 months instead of November 19. However, the court did not agree with the arguments of the lawyers and dismissed the petitions The students said that it is not good for them how hard and hard they passed the exam, they have consulted about filing a review petition in this case. Revision appeals after the conduct of the examination are also likely to be ineffective. Because an application was filed in the Supreme Court to stop the examination, however, the Supreme Court ordered that the examination be held after this decision. Revision appeals are likely to be ineffective.