Published On: Wed, Jan 8th, 2014
Published in Category: Government

China committed to Kashgar-Gwadar economic transit, coordination

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ISLAMABAD: China seems strongly committed to Kashgar-Gwadar economic transit, and economic coordination, as continuous Chinese delegations shuttle to and fro for working out a chain of economic packages.

Officials have expressed their strong beliefs that strongly rooted interests of both countries could help speed up the project.

Sources have also disclosed an unusual traffic of Chinese delegations shuttling to and fro, out of which an 8-member delegation visited Pakistan to inspect progress on Gwadar’s part of economic transit (route).

Yet another 13-member delegation is due to arrive today, Wednesday, in order to hold meetings with National Highways Authority, Pakistan Railways, Ports and shipping, and other ministries and related departments.

Sources have also announced that both delegations intended to hold joint press conferences with ministry of planning and development on 10th Jan, finalizing their strategy regarding the project(s).

Sources are also expecting announcements of a joint declaration regarding this Kashgar-Gwadar economic transit, whose initial phase has been completed, and which could (would) be followed by actual development of the project.}