Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2013
Published in Category: Islamabad

Closure of Rawal dam car parking facility irks citizens

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ISLAMABAD: Closure of car parking facility from Rawal dam recreation spot has parked citizens in state of embarrassment.

Punjab government has abolished car parking system in the recreation spot of Rawal dam and police personnel have been deployed therein for security purpose. The road leading to Rawal dam has been closed down one kilometre ahead of shops and Dam lake by erecting fence. Notice has been pasted on notice board erected near fence about closure of car parking area.

The citizens particularly children and women have to cover a long distance on foot to enter into the spot in this biting cold weather. On the other side the car parking established outside the Rawal dam remains overcrowded and long queues of cars can be seen everywhere in this parking area existing outside the dam. .

The small shopkeepers have complained that due to closure of inside vehicle parking their business have received shocking blow and they cannot earn enough to meet the daily expenses of their families. If this ban remains in place for some time more they and their families will be forced to hold protest rallies.

The citizens have demanded for withdrawal of orders for closure of car parking inside the dam.