Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2013
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CNG closure continuity of anti-Punjab policy: Punjab Forum

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Islamabad: The Punjab Forum on Wednesday slated closure of CNG sector in Punjab terming it continuity of anti-Punjab policy.

President of the Punjab Forum, Baig Raj, talking to the transporters and CNG operators, said industry and agriculture in Punjab are intentionally destroyed and miseries of masses are multiplies in Punjab during the last five years which forced people to vote PML-N to power for a change which proved to be a mistake.

He said CNG is available across Pakistan except Punjab which will trigger differences while hurting the provincial harmony.

He said that CNG should be discontinued across the country or provided in every province to subside the feeling of organized discrimination.

Baig Raj said that pressure in the gas pipelines has crossed limit of 2,900 fearing incidents of bursts which proves that SNGPL is saving gas for some sectors to fulfil their designs while punishing tens of millions in the process.

He said that SNGPL has not bothered about legality, agreements with CNG operators, Constitution and Council of Common Interests in pursuing its own agenda.

The president of Punjab Forum asked government to shun policies aiming at economical strangulation of millions of poor transporters and workers at the CNG outlets who are serving masses.

The CNG is no more a luxury, it has become an important component of daily life without which life becomes more difficult, he observed.

He said that decision of CNG suspension for indefinite period will help oil import mafia and drain forex reserves to default.

CNG sector should be provided natural gas for three days unless the import of LPG is realised which will save millions of jobs and investments to the tune of Rs 450 billion, he demanded.
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