Published On: Fri, May 26th, 2023
Published in Category: Peshawar

Confrontation among state institutions will ultimately harm country: Liaqat Baloch

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PESHAWAR: Naib Emir Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Liaqat Baloch has stated that confrontation among the state institutions will ultimately harm the country.

While addressing the elections 2023 convention at Peshawar on Thursday, Liaqat Baloch stated Parliament, judiciary and establishment were locking horns while following the custom of “tit for tat” instead of obeying the spirit of law and justice. He stated that the state institutions were locking horns with one another which was proving detrimental for the country as well as the nation.

He stated that the people were being crushed by inflation, unemployment, bribe, corruption and violation of merit but the national leadership was hell-bent on its own interests whereas the masses were continuously suffering. Continuous mistakes committed by the political leadership, state institutions, superior judiciary and civil bureaucracy since last 75 years ultimately laid them bare in front of public, he noted.

He stated that the masses were full of emotions of revenge and dreadful reaction and added that economic crisis, injustice, corruption and selfishness have overpowering the 250 million people.

Liaqat Baloch expressed his resolve that Jamaat-e-Islami with the help of Almighty Allah as well as people power will change the whole scenario by bringing Islami revolution in the country.

While talking to journalists, he stated that entire nation was agreed on “May 25, Martyrs Reverence Day” and added that martyrdoms of officers and personnel of Armed Forces were respectable and honorable. He added that May 09 heinous incidents disheartened the families of martyrs, saying national unity was vital for paying tribute to the sacrifices of martyrs.

Liaqat Baloch stated public support as well as sympathies with the armed forces was a guarantee of strong defense which is why it is compulsory to commemorate “Martyrs Reverence Day” but also stressed upon all the stakeholders to be careful about severity of emotions and their dreadful reaction.

He also stressed upon the need of holding elections in 2023 for putting an end to ongoing uncertainty as well as restoration of public confidence and added that free, fair and transparent polls were solution of political crisis.