Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2014
Published in Category: Court News

Court to issue proper orders if former president fails to appear on Jan16: SC

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ISLAMABAD: Special Court (SC) hearing high treason case of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has rejected the plea for granting more exemption on the basis of Medical Report (MR) to him and has summoned him on January, 16.

The court has ruled if former president does not appear before it on January, 16 then it will issue proper orders. Despite lapse of five days after admission of former president into hospital no angiography test has been conducted in respect of him nor any further request has been made by the defence lawyers seeking further exemption for former president.

Therefore, former president cannot be granted more exemption from attendance in the court on medical grounds. The court will announce verdict on applicability of CRPC clauses in this case today.

A 3-member bench of SC headed by Justice Faisal Arab resumed the hearing of high treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf Thursday.

Anwar Mansoor counsel for Musharraf told the court his family members are receiving serious threats in Karachi and unknown persons have threatened his driver on telephone that he will be killed if he drives alongwith him. He prayed to court to issue orders for providing full fledged security to his family members and him.

Sharif ud Din Pirzada senior counsel to Pervez Musharraf while giving arguments on his client’s MR argued that his client is undergoing treatment in hospital being chronic ill and AFIC doctors are persistently endeavouring for his recovery of health but he has not been fully recovered and he is in such health condition that he cannot appear in the court.

His health condition is precarious; therefore, doctors have advised him to take complete rest. This is also an evidence that doctors have not discharged him from hospital due to his ailments. He may please be granted exemption from attendance in the court unless he recovers fully from sickness, he prayed.

Taking strong exceptions to leakage of MR to the media he said despite court strict orders MR was revealed to media which is tantamount to breaching and derogating article 14 of the constitution. He prayed the court to hold inquiry into the matter of leakage of the MR and initiate action against the persons found responsible for leaking it out to media as right of property cannot be infringed upon under article 14.

The court inquired from the lawyers of the prosecution about leakage of MR. Akram Sheikh told the court that the report was not leaked out from his side. “Nothing has come on record as per MR on the basis of which former president can be granted exemption. Therefore, Pervez Musharraf be summoned in the court so that the discrimination between the weak and strong could be eliminated from the society and one law could be enacted for these both segments of society.

He contended if someone is admitted into hospital on his sweet will then doctors under professional norms cannot force him to leave the hospital.

He told the court that despite lapse of several days after the admission of former president in hospital, no angiography test of Musharraf has been conducted. This indicates that former president is not facing any emergency situation in terms of his health. Musharraf blood pressure level is akin to that of young sportsman. No artery is found blocked as per MR. Therefore, there is no reason that he be granted exemption.

Prosecutor Akram Sheikh has prayed to Special Court (SC) to summon Pervez Musharraf and not to grant him exemption as his Medical Report (MR) reflects no such ailment which warrants exemption nor any reason has been mentioned in MR due to which he cannot appear in the court.