Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2013
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Danish Novozymes increases focus on Pakistan – bio-innovation needed to enhance industrial performance

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Karachi: “Bio-innovation has changed the global industrial agenda. The industries in Pakistan – like any other country – need to understand the importance of using bio-technology, if they want to be sustainable and be part of tomorrow’s industries.”

This was stated by Tina Sejersgård Fanø, VP Business Operations of the Danish world leading company in bio-tech, Novozymes during a business reception at a private hotel.

The reception, which marked the 13 years of operation of Novozymes in Pakistan, was well attended by representatives from the Board of Investment, various trade bodies, business partners and other stakeholders to discuss the importance of bio-tech to enhance the industrial performance in Pakistan.

“Today, businesses that focus on the use of industrial biotechnology have re-engineered thousands of everyday products and become business leaders with a strong sustainable performance. Pakistan with its large and diversified industries can develop new value-adding products and mark its positive placement on the global map, if it commits to innovation and use of this technology. We believe Pakistan has the potential to do so”, said Fano.
Ms. Fano shared that by using bio-tech, various food industries have developed higher product qualities resulting in higher yields and lower waste. The household care / detergent industry have seen benefits such as the substitution of petro based ingredients & improved stain removal.

The used of enzymes for the biofuel industry has allowed for lower CO2 emissions compared to petro based transportation. For technical industries such as wastewater, textile and leather, the benefits lie in better performance and less environmental pressure.

Fano also shared that Novozymes has activities within bio-pharma ingredients where e.g. higher half-lives of drugs can be achieved as well as agriculture where e.g. less fertilizer is needed. All of these benefits result in sustainability and higher business profits.

Novozymes is a Danish biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production and has since 1925 held the mission to provide sustainable bio-innovations to help industries succeed in their businesses worldwide. Novozymes currently holds a 47% share of the global market for industrial enzymes.