Published On: Mon, Jan 13th, 2014
Published in Category: Islamabad

Dilapidated Angoori road perturbs residents

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ISLAMABAD: Dilapidated Satrameel-Angoori road in suburb of Bharakahu locality perturbed locals of the federal capital as repair of this masterpiece road has fallen prey to corruption of contract mafia and negligence of concerned officials.

Reliable sources informed that this road was partly ruined due to instalment of gas pipeline by a housing society few months back that adversely affected traffic of this route and residents of the area too.

A Reconstruction and repair tender of this road has been issued and funds of millions of rupees have been delivered from national exchequer in terms of reconstruction of this road.

But private contractor once again deceived the government and used sub-standard material and asphalt in said road’s restructuring that resulted dilapidation of this road again right after few months of repair.

People of the area asked the government to take notice of the issue and action should be taken against private contractor.

They also demanded of the government to issue tender of restructuring of this road again to relief masses from this pain.