Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2023
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Due to incompetent & corrupt leadership, the country is sinking in the swamp with the passage of everyday: Sirajul Haq

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QUETTA: Emir Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Sirajul Haq has said that due to incompetent and corrupt leadership the country is sinking in the swamp with the passage of everyday. He said that the biggest problem is corruption, adding that there is a separate life inside and outside the governor houses of Pakistan. He said that current prime minister, chairman senate and chief justice of Pakistan belong to Balochistan and I ask them to provide justice to people of Balochistan and should play their role in progress, prosperity and employment in the province.

This was stated by Emir JI Pakistan Sirajul Haq while addressing the sit-in outside the Governor House Quetta on Sunday. Emir JI Balochstan Maulana Abdul Haq Hashmi, Secretary General Maulana Hidayatur Rehman Baloch and other leaders also addressed the participants of the sit-in. JI had announced to stage sit-ins in front of all Governor Houses against expensive electricity and destructive situation of inflation. Sirajul Haq after attending the sit-in in front of Governor House in Lahore, reached Quetta on Sunday. After Quetta, now the sit-in will be staged in front of Governor House in Karachi on 6th October.

Sirajul Haq said that PDM, PPP and PTI not worked in favor of the masses but worked in the interest of the mafias. He said that instead of presence of the vast opportunities of producing the cheap electricity in the county, the plants of the imported fuel were installed. Sirajul Haq said that cheap electricity could be produced from water, wind and solar. He said that Pakistan People’s Party struck agreements with the IPPs in 1994 on high rates. He said that if the electricity is produced from cheap sources then the cost of electricity will be Rs 5 per unit, adding that due to the wrong policies of the rulers per unit electricity is available on Rs 56 per unit. He said that accountability should be carried out of those responsible for striking expansive contracts of electricity, adding that the government should review these agreements. He said that the increase in electricity prices should be taken back, petrol and gas prices should also be decreased, adding that the edibles should be made available to masses on reasonable rates. Sirajul Haq said that the movement will remain continue till the achievement of the results.