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Educated youth are guarantors of bright future of country, Anwar-ul-Haq

Kohat: Caretaker Prime Minister (PM) Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar said that educated youth are the guarantors of the bright future of country.Achieving modern education is our priority. Modern education is very important in the present era.Teachers should play their full role for the improvement of the education system of the country.While addressing Parents' Day ceremony in Cadet College Academy, he expressed his views that attending Parents' Day ceremony is an honor for me. Role of parents in education of children is also very important.Higher education is the guarantee of success in today's competitive world.PM said that it is commendable that the Cadet College has achieved a prominent position in Matriculation and Intermediate examinations.Youth should make the best use of time because lost time never comes back.During the speech, Caretaker Prime Minister's voice was filled with emotions while mentioning his father.His father played a very important role in shaping his educational career and person ality and he misses his father a lot today.