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Election is the only way to steer the country out of crisis: Asad Umar

LAH0RE: PTI leader Asad Umar while demanding of the government to announce schedule for general election has said election is the only way to steer the country out of crisis.

“Immediate election is indispensible for Pakistan”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Tuesday.

The country is passing through such situation it has never passed through ever before, he held.

He went on to say this government has come due to external interference. The matter of interference was accepted in the meeting of National Security Committee, he added.

The people spirit is telling they are ready, he remarked.

He observed Imran Khan has potential to mobilize the people. The nation has woken up due to the struggle waged by Imran Khan. They cannot change the minds no matter how much force they use.

I want to say to Nawaz Sharif GT road has changed. I want to say to Nawaz Sharif the present GT road is not GT road which he had left. No one can make decisions of Pakistan while sitting in London or US.

There will be sea of people when Imran Khan reaches Islamabad, he underlined.

He stated the rulers should be ashamed of it that they dub those people Jathas from whom they seek votes. Who has become prime minister mistakenly does not believe himself he is holding this portfolio.

He observed the democratic system in our country is on papers. The sacrifices rendered by armed forces for Pakistan are unforgettable, he added.

He underscored the national institutions are not fortified through arms but a strong nation stands behind them.

We cannot say all at once that what is our planning. Strategy is evolved after seeing the situation.

On one side they are saying that only 200 people are participating in Long March and on the other hand they are resorting to the court.

Had the strength of the participants been 200 only then they would have not shut Islamabad with containers.

The rulers are seeing the people are not with them, he underlined. There were two options before us first we should reach Islamabad till Friday hurriedly or if it takes more days then it is ok.