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Empowering Skilled Workers: Akhuwat opens Doors for Graduates

Peshawar: Akhuwat Foundation's Microfinance Scheme Opens Doors for Graduates of Accelerated Skill Development Program in Newly Merged Districts.The list of trained workers from the initial phase of the Accelerated Skill Development Program for Newly Merged Districts, encompassing diverse vocational and technical training, has been submitted to the Small Industries Development Board (SIDB) for potential inclusion in the microfinance initiative of the Akhuwat Foundation.In connection with this, Dr. Aamer Abdullah, the Caretaker Minister for Industries, Commerce, Technical Education, and Newly Merged District Affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has issued directives to the relevant authorities. The Secretary of Industries and Commerce has also provided instructions during a recent steering committee meeting concerning the Akhuwat project.Through this program, individuals who have acquired skills through the aforementioned training initiative in the merged districts can access interest-free loans via the Akhuw at Foundation. This opportunity empowers them to initiate their own businesses and secure employment opportunities.