Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2013
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FC uniform should be symbol of protection: CJP

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ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Tassaduq Hussain Jillani has remarked “FC is state institution and state is symbol of justice.

He further remarked “ we have issued orders for recovery of missing persons. It is your duty that these orders should be implemented. You will need no counsel if you speak the truth. Your uniform should be symbol of protection. It is unfortunate that people are placing blame on you of your involvement in kidnapping.

He observed “ in order to ensure peace in Balochistan, the common men will have to provide names of kidnappers, accused persons and all evidence to law enforcement agencies by demonstrating courage. If the law enforcement agencies don’t provide protection to doctors then how will they provide the names of accused persons.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked “ doctors will not be kidnapped if police and FC provide them proper security. The persons involved in the kidnapping incidents are arrested but their statements are not got recorded before the magistrate. One doctor knows the kidnappers and it is strange that police and FC don’t know. If FC is not behind enforced disappearances then it should prove it by its character.

Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked “ it will remain elusive to establish peace in Balochistan without bringing the culprits to logic end. Witnesses will have to be provided protection in order to uproot kidnapping. .

A 3-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) presided over by the CJP Tassaduq Hussain Jillani took up the Balochistan missing persons case for hearing Thursday.

Attorney General (AG) Munir A Malik rescued himself from the case and he will appear in the court as amicus curiae. Shah Khawar will appear in the court from the office of AG.

The federal government, IG FC and Balochistan authorities could not recover 35 missing persons and produce them in the SC.

Acting IG FC Khalid Salim appeared in the court and stated one non commissioned officer Allah Bakhsh has been identified among the 9 officers of FC who are allegedly involved in kidnapping and he has granted bail from the court. The identification of other 5 to 6 officers is in final phase. There were certain army officers who had returned to army and letter in this regard has been written to Pakistan army. FC is doing its job and we will give result soon. This impression should stand dispelled now that FC is behind all the missing persons.

The court ordered for recovery of all missing persons, their production before it, provision of fool proof security to doctors and others issuance of arms licenses to doctors as per law, production of FC officers before DIG CID and presentation of report thereof before it till December, 26.

At the inception of hearing of contempt of court case against IG FC, Attorney General Munir A Malik told the court he was appearing as amicus curiae in the court

Shah Khawar presented notification issued with respect of leave of IG FC and appointment of acting IG FC in the court. The court reviewed the notifications.

PMA leader Dr Gul Kakar told the court Dr Munnaf was released after the ransom was paid by him. 26 doctors have been kidnapped and not a single doctor has not got recovered. They all were released after paying the ransom.

IG told the court “ we have initiated action with the cooperation of intelligence agencies.

The court inquired if “ you have taken any step for the protection of doctors.

IG told police post has been set up. All including chief secretary will evolve plan. Security has been provided to civil hospital.

Court inquired from Dr Gul Kakar if he was satisfied over the plan.

Dr Kakar said “we will see when this plan is materialized. We want personal guards.

CJP inquired “ as to why you don’t provide personal security to doctors.

The court was told one Akbar Kansi was lifted from his caravan and ransom amounting to Rs 1 billion is being demanded for his release.

Doctors said “we know about kidnappers but we cannot tell about them to any one for fear of losing our life.

CJP remarked “ if people don’t cooperate with the law enforcement agencies against the culprits then who will do so. Police can do nothing alone. The matter will not be resolved if moral courage is not paraded during the crisis. If you educated people will not demonstrate moral courage then who will do it. You are cream of this country.

The court while directing acting IG FC to appear on the next hearing adjourned the hearing of the case till December, 26.