Published On: Mon, Mar 1st, 2021
Published in Category: Islamabad

FDE reluctant to restore suspended teachers despite IHC orders

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Islamabad: The suspension orders of 250 teachers working in Islamabad have yet not been overturned despite the clear orders of Mr. Justice Athar Minallah of Islamabad High Court.

According to details, IHC had clearly ordered to restore the suspended 250 teachers from Islamabad on February 17th 2021. The Islamabad High Court mentioned in its written orders that Federal Directorate of Education’s Director Law Azam Gakhar has been misleading the court and he is completely unable to assist the court.

Chief Justice Islamabad High court Mr. Justice Athar Minallah also issued a special order on 23rd of February 2021; according to which Federal Directorate of Education was bound to implement court’s orders of 17th February.

However, The Federal Directorate of Education is still unable to overturn the decision regarding sending the teachers to their native areas. A delegation of effected teachers also came to meet DG FDE here on Friday, but they were sent back saying DG is busy reciting Quran.

Later, the delegation met Director Law Azam Gakhar who said that file has been passed on to the Director General of the institution. Bitter sentences between the delegation and Azam were also exchanged while apparently it seems that FDE is reluctant to act upon IHC’s orders.