Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014
Published in Category: Islamabad

Federal govt accelerates to finalise anti-terrorism strategy

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Islamabad: The federal government has geared up to finalise the future strategy to eliminate terrorism from the country and released special orders to its ministers on Wednesday. Significant developments were seen as the Pakistani federal ministers received special orders from the higher authorities for contacting all political stakeholders of the country, local media reported.

The federal ministers would contact the various political parties in order to collected their suggestions and recommendations regarding the anti-terrorism policies to be implemented.

The move has been taken in view of the severely deteriorated law and order situation of the country followed by continuously attacks on civilians, law enforcement agencies’ and military officials, reports said.

The decision came amid increased militants’ and sectarian attacks on prominent governmental, military places and civilian spots.

It should be mentioned that a politico-religious party, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Sami (JUI-S), chief Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, who claimed to be tasked for calling militants on table, had announced today to dissociate himself for playing bridging role between Pakistani government and Taliban due to the neglected behaviour of the ruling power.