Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019
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Follow up of Badaber tragic incident

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Peshawar were in the grip of confusion about Badaber polio tragic drama as no one could guess whether it was reaction of the vaccination or food poison case. Another version was that panic against polio vaccination created under planned conspiracy as Shaukat Yousafzai Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister, had already issued statement on the very first day informing the people not to pay heed to the rumors.


Shaukat  Yousafzai told a Press conference Tuesday at Cabinet Room of Civil Secretariat that panic against polio vaccination is created in Peshawar under a planned conspiracy and responsible person behind this drama has been arrested by police. The rumor, according to Yousafzai, was first released from a private school and soon it engulfed the whole city trapping children and parents psychologically ensuing in rushing of thousands of students to hospitals. A large number of children were brought to different hospitals of Peshawar district in a single day which caused a lot of panic and concern among city dwellers and parents. Information Minister gave credit to Media for the role it played very positively  which helped exposed the elements behind this drama.


“This whole drama was part of a planned conspiracy which worked and misled the entire population,” Shaukat told a questioner. It is to be appreciated that Mehmood govt was so alert that the entire situation was Controlled before taking an ugly turn.


Police investigating is on to probe into the whole issue. It is hoped those involved in whole set Basic Health Unit (BHU) ablaze would be identified and action be taken against them. The main character of this episode, is being arrested by Police and court has sent him on remand for one day. Information Minister said hints about political involvement behind this episode is also found on which Police is working and soon will unveil the real motives as why to why this drama was staged. Information Minister appeal has a point when he says to the masses to foil the evil designs of those who were out to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. From the pledge the provincial govt high ups made it seems that the health teams are firm in making vaccination campaign a success. The situation would be more clear after inquiry report is submitted to the Chief Minister. It is  hoped that the govt would give full protection to polio vaccinating staff and other team members.

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