Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2019
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Foreign investment declined in country during past 10 years

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Islamabad: The direct foreign investment has clearly declined in country during the past ten years owing to the failed polices of previous government. The decline occurred owing to the negligence and lack of friendly policies of previous governments.

The sources stated that foreign investment had reduced from $3.830 billion to $1.450 billion. According to the documents the FDI from USA has reduced from $869 million to $136 million.

It noted in the documents that direct financial investment of 263 million dollars has been done from UK in 2008-09 and now in 2017-18 it recorded to $307 million.

The direct investment from UAE has reduced from $178 million to $59 million. Likewise the direct foreign investment with Japan has declined to 66 million dollars. However, the investment recorded from Saudi Arabia to $86 million, $12 million from Kuwait, $48 million from Germany and 3 million dollars from France.

On the other hand direct investment has increased with Chain, Italy, Korea. Chain had done $101 million investment in 2008-09 and now it reached to $825 million. Investments with Italy and Korea have also increased.

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