Published On: Sat, Dec 21st, 2013
Published in Category: Islamabad

Gambling on cricket matches go unchecked in all major markets

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RAWALPINDI: Proliferation of gamblers dens in the main markets of Rawalpindi city has evoked severe protest from the citizens.

The Bookies have set up their dens in main markets including Raja Bazaar, Narankari bazaar, Kohati bazaar and Kashmiri bazaar and gambling is continuing with impunity therein on cricket matches.

These bookies are in contact with the top bookies of federal capital and they are patronizing gambling of million of rupees daily.

Gambling on cricket matches has on one hand marred educational activities in educational institutes and on other hand have forced the youths and students to indulge in criminal activities to grab money for participating in gambling.

These havens of gamblers are also playing havoc with the law and order situation as the clashes among the participants of gambling have become routine and the threat looms large that any untoward incident may occur claiming precious lives.

The police is playing the role of glum spectator and taking no action against the gamblers. They are stated to be grabbing their share from the gamblers, therefore, how can they go for launching any crackdown on these dens, said a group of citizens.

The citizens have demanded of the district administration to uproot these dens.
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