Published On: Sun, Jan 12th, 2014
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Gas connection cut off to more than 100 student’s hostels

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RAWALPINDI: Sui Gas department has cut off gas connection of more than 100 student hostels of the twin cities by declaring them as domestic.

As per reports, Sui gas department has cut off gas connections to boys and girls hostels operating in the residential areas on commercial basis without prior notices. Due to this situation the students are facing many hardships in the cold weather.

According to hostels administration they had written to SUI gas department to change their tariff to commercial instead of domestic upon which the department has cleared that the government has banned commercial gas connections.

The hostel owners have protested against this injustice and said that cutting off gas connection for students without prior notice is an injustice and have threatened to come out on streets if the connections are not restored.

The officials of the Sui gas department have assured the hostel owners that they would consider restoring the connection of gas to female hostels to save them from any inconvenience.
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