Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2023
Published in Category: Government

Govt can’t delay polls in Punjab, KP through creative excuses: PTI

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership lashed out the government and ECP for delaying the elections in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) assemblies through creative excuses; however, they said that the government would not find escape routes from elections come what may.

In a statement on Thursday, PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umer, PTI Senior Vice President Dr. Shireen Mazari and PTI Central Secretary Information Farrukh Habib said that the government was using all options to evade elections. However, they stated that all their attempts to defer the polls would not succeed.

Asad Umer said that the government cleared its position in the court on Thursday’s hearing that they would deviate from the constitution but would not hold the polls. However, he expressed optimism that God willing, the court would not let them run away and the elections would be held in the stipulated time.

Dr. Shireen Mazari said that the 30 days were approaching since dissolution of Punjab and KP assemblies and the ECP did not announce dates for the election despite knowing that constitution provided no exemption to elections within 90 days. “Instead Munshis running around like headless chickens finding ways to evade elections,” she added.

Farrukh Habib demanded that the Chief Justice of Pakistan should play a role for the rule of law and the Constitution in the country. He said that the high judiciary should stop the open violation of the constitution. He went on to say that 26 days have passed since the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly while 22 days have passed since the dissolution of KPK Assembly but no dates were given for the elections.

Farrukh Habib said that the constitutional period of holding elections in 90 days was fast approach but the government was in constant denial of providing resources and security to the commission to hold polls.

He said that it was the constitutional responsibility of all the state institutions to provide all support to the ECP to hold free, fair and transparent elections.

Farrukh Habib demanded that the elections should be held instantly so as to save the country from further destruction.