Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2023
Published in Category: Islamabad

Govt has nothing to do with arrest of Imran Khan: Marriyum Aurangzeb

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ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb has said government has nothing to do with the arrest of Imran Khan and there is case of contempt of judge against him.

“ Imran Khan is dishonest, Tosha khana thief and he wants civil war and chaos in the country. Government has nothing to do with the arrest of Imran Khan and there is case of contempt of judge against him. The court issued arrest warrants against him that Imran Khan be arrested and presented in the court. Imran Khan should know who fears he dies. He is giving impression while sitting under flags that government is arresting him. The media should tell the people about arrest warrants of Imran Khan, she said this while addressing a press conference here Wednesday.

She went on to say the heads of Punjab Police are being torn by using Gigit-Baltistan force. Police have no arms. Police are arresting a criminal under court’s orders. The person who calls himself “Bahadar Khan” is hiding him under a cot. He was to counter US.

She underlined “ I want to make it clear Imran Khan is criminal. The court has summoned him. Had court arrested this man for abusing constitution then we would not have seen this day.

She underscored when this man dissolved National Assembly to frustrate vote of no confidence. The court should have ordered to arrest him on May 25. The court should have ordered to arrest him when he created chaos in the country. The court should have ordered to arrest him the day this man attacked court with a band.

She held PTI is not a political party and it is band of terrorists. Till now 65 policemen and Rangers have been injured and admitted to hospital. Are the police men who have been injured not sons of any one. Police is taking action on the order of court and they are being beaten.

She claimed this man is using human trenches only. The criminal is fleeing for fear of police. The political rivals were sent to jail during four years tenure of PTI.

She remarked the death of Imran Khan politics has occurred. This man is ready to hold rally but is not ready to go to the court.

She underscored it is order of court to arrest Imran Khan. They will have to be accountable for the marathon race the transmission of which is being shown since yesterday. Media should also tell the people the real facts of this marathon.

She said Imran Khan will have to give account in regard to his cases. This man is wanted by the court in Toshakhana, Tyrian and foreign funding cases.

This man is giving impression he is facing life threat and if he is facing life threat then why he is not courting arrest.